Update from Administrator – February 19, 2021

Update from Administrator – February 19, 2021


Dear families and loved ones of Northbridge residents,

Currently, we have no residents or staff that are Covid positive. Since it has been two weeks since our last positive, we now can open indoor visitation BEGINNING MONDAY FEBRUARY 22ND,2021. I have attached a document that answers the most frequently asked questions. Please read it in its entirety.


As you know, the vaccine will not provide immediate protection and we still need to see prevalence in the surrounding communities decline. We continue to follow the existing guidance from CDC, CMS, and our state’s DPH for visitation and infection control practices. As soon as they adjust their guidance, based on vaccination rates in nursing homes, we will let you know.

Our current visitation status is :  window, outdoor and compassionate visits and BEGINNING MONDAY 2/22/21 WE WILL BEGIN INDOOR VISITS.

Remember we always offer visitations using our technology (iPads, tablets, calls, etc.)

Visitation Reminders:

We want to provide some reminders about our visitation policy, based on requirements set by our state’s DPH and the federal CMS and CDC. We do apologize, but the below is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity for visits, under the strict state and federal guidelines we must adhere to. We know this is not the optimal way to visit your loved one, but we these guidelines have been put in place with your loved ones and out staff’s best interest in mind.

  • Please, no drinking or eating during visits.
  • Come to the building with mask on that covers your nose and mouth.
  • When you arrive, please sanitize hands, fill out COVID exposure questionnaire and sign the one-time document acknowledging that you will follow the visiting guidelines.
  • The receptionist will take your temperature.
  • All visitors and residents must wear a facemask that fully covers your nose and mouth, and it must remain in place throughout the entire visit; you must perform hand hygiene prior to approaching the visit area.
  • Please maintain social distancing during the visit.
  • A staff member will be on hand to answer questions, assist during the visit, and sanitize in between visits.

Thank you and please stay safe and healthy!

“Indoor Visits” Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an indoor visit?

Call Recreation Department
@ 203-336-0232 or email recreation@northbridgehcc.com

When can I visit?

Monday- Friday
• 10:00a-11:30a
• 1:00p-2:30p
Evenings & Weekends
• By Appointment

Does the visitor need to get tested before they visit?

Yes, go to main entrance. Tell Front Desk you are there for indoor visit. RN Supervisor will conduct a rapid nasal swab Covid 19 test. It takes 15 minutes for results. Visitor is to wait in car for 15 minutes then return to front desk.

Do I need to wear a mask during my visit?

Yes, during entire visit.
How long can I visit? To ensure all residents get to see their loved ones, we are asking all visits to be a max of 45 minutes.
How many visitors at once? 2 visitors maximum

Where are the visits?

Sunshine Room

Can I bring anything for my loved one?

Yes, but you cannot eat or drink during visit due to need of always keeping mask on.

What if the visitor disregards any of these guidelines?

Safety for our residents and staff is top priority. The visit will end, and the visitor may not continue to visit.



February 19, 2021 A Healthier Approach To Caring