Update from Administrator – August 30, 2021

Update from Administrator – August 30, 2021

Dear Resident, Family Member or Responsible Party,

As of today, we are currently in an outbreak due to 1 COVID positive resident case on our 4th floor, and unfortunately we are closed to indoor visitations. We are testing all residents and staff immediately. You will be notified if there are any new cases that arise.


Q: What is an outbreak?
A: An outbreak is defined as one or more positive case.

Q: When will the visiting reopen?
A: After two weeks from the last positive case and after all employees and residents are tested and we can determine which unit are affected.

Q: If it is determined that a unit is unaffected by the outbreak, will that unit be open to indoor visitation?
A: Yes, any unaffected unit can reopen to indoor visitation after a complete round of resident and employee testing has been conducted. The affected unit will remain closed until 14 days after the last known positive case.

Q: Was my family member exposed?
A: If yes, a member of our nursing team will be contacting you.

Q: Are you open to outdoor visitation.
A: Yes, please contact the recreation department to schedule a visit.

As always, please stay safe.
Erica Roman, LCSW, LNHA

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