Update from Administrator – April 12, 2021

Good afternoon,


I am writing this email to update you that we currently have 8 positive residents and 3 positive staff that were identified during our weekly testing. Despite following CDC guidelines, following the core principles of infection control principles, this terrible virus found its way into our facility. There is no one to blame as we know this virus is extremely contagious and we know it often spreads before anyone even knows they are sick. We are doing everything possible to stop the spread immediately. We have the proper PPE, extensive cleaning protocols, and are conducting another round of testing on residents and staff. We have suspended all visitation until our first round of re-testing is complete. This outbreak is a reminder that the virus is still out there. I ask that everyone that can get the vaccine to get it. If you have declined the vaccine in the past for your loved one, I plead with you to reconsider. I hope this resolves quicky and all are well. Stay safe and have a nice day!


Erica Roman, LCSW, LNHA

April 12, 2021